Andrea Ghizzoni, Country Director of WeChat Italia, at SportHackTag on 24th and 25th May


SportHackTag, scheduled next 24th and 25th May at the Emirates Stadium in London, will also see the presence of Andrea Ghizzoni, Country Director of WeChat Italia, the social app that records the highest level of global growth, with over 550 million active users.

 Talking about SportHackTag, the first European event focused on digital innovation in the sports world, where the sporting clubs and sport leagues will meet the most outstanding realities in the digital world, Ghizzoni stated: “I think this was a basic need for both sectors. Sport companies are by far the most active organizations in social media boasting a following that only a few other companies have, therefore SportHackTag is definitely going be a challenging event providing lots of opportunities both for the digital world and for the sports world”.

His speech, next 25th May, is scheduled as part of the event “Social Media Activity in Sport Enterntainment” which, besides Tencent, will also be attended by some representatives of the major social networks worldwide.

Furthermore, while talking about the relationship of WeChat with the sports world, Ghizzoni gave an insight on some of the best practices which will be presented at the Emirates Stadium: “WeChat is a “place” of experimentation for Western companies and the sport sector was certainly the first to realize the full potential of the web.
It is no surprise then that Messi was chosen as testimonial for the global launch and that the first brands to join the platform were the major European football clubs.
Specifically, I had the pleasure to personally follow the landing on WeChat of AS Roma that decided to open two accounts, one for their Chinese fans and one for their Western fans, and of Giorgio Chiellini who has long used this as a means of direct communication with his own fans.”

Posted April 13, 2016